Weapons and Props


Animaga Entertainment Pty Ltd (Animaga) reserves the right, at their discretion, to change and update this policy at any time without prior notice.

By participating in Animaga Events means that you have agreed to comply with this Weapons Policy. An “event” shall mean any event held by Animaga Entertainment Pty Ltd (Animaga) or Animaga Maid Cafe.

You also agree, that by attending the events that, for safety of yourself and everyone at an Event, Animaga has the immediate right to inspect your costume, prop weapons, and any other item that you bring to the Event. Animaga reserves the right to temporarily or permanently remove any attendee at our discretion at any time for violation of this Weapons Policy, as the safety of you and all attendees at the event is of number one importance.


Animaga may ask you to leave any large props and prop weapons with the staff in our cloak room for the duration of the Event and only allow the use of the prop(s) during the Cosplay Competition.

Real Weapons are Prohibited

No real weapon of any kind is allowed into an Animaga Event, this includes but is not limited to: firearms, knives, any form of ammunition, any items designed or manufactured with the intent to cause harm. Even if such weapons are inoperable or unusable, and regardless of whether you are licensed to carry such weapon, it is a violation of this Weapons Policy if they are carried to any Events.

Examples of prohibited weapons according to Victorian Police:

Sword, butterfly sword, throwing stars, sai or hitta, nunchaku, cat o’nine tails, studded gloves, knuckle duster, extendable batons, sling shot, taser, laser pointer, oleoresin capsicum spray, dart projector, imitation firearm, kubotan, manrikigusari, bo-chucks, baton-chucks, ceramic knives, butterfly knives, flick knives, body armour, concealed knife blade.

Prop Weapons Policy

Prop weapons are inoperable weapons that complement the look of your costume. Any prop weapon brought to an Event is subjected to “Weapons Check” by Animaga. Animaga reserves the right to deem whether the weapon is safe for the Event. Weapons Checks will happen at the main entrances of the event.

Animaga can change our decision to allow a prop to enter an Event if the prop is used in an manner that may bring harm to yourself, other attendees, or event staff. This includes play-fighting, swinging the weapons around, or hitting someone intentionally or not. Approval of the prop weapon into an Event can be also be revoked if complaints are received regarding the use of the prop weapon, or if the prop weapon is changed in a way that violates this policy after the weapon had been checked.

If a prop weapon is, or potentially, capable of firing anything, it must be rendered permanently inoperable in order to be allowing into the event. This can be done by, for example, filling the barrel with glue, caulk, or another non-removable substance. You must be able to prove that the prop weapon is permanently inoperable.

In addition, to the rules above, your prop also must meet the following criteria:

– Your prop cannot be more than 2 metres long or weigh more than 7 kilograms
– Prop explosives cannot be made out of metal.
– Props cannot be made of metal.
– All swords or bladed martial arts prop weapons must be blunt-edged and cannot have any sort of cutting or sharpened edge.
– Prop metal swords must have a sheath and must remain in the sheath for the duration of the Event.
– All prop bows must be unstrung or have a low-tensile thread and be incapable of shooting.
– All prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips.
– Metal chains must be less than 30 centimetres long and no more than 3 centimetres thick.
– Non-metal chains must be a reasonable length so that is is not safety or fire hazard.
– Toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm

In the state of Victoria, any devices that can be reasonably mistake for a working firearm based on their appearance, despite not being functional, are classified as imitation of firearms and is a prohibited weapon.

If your prop weapon is deemed to look like a working firearm, Animaga and its associated personnel reserves the right to deny entry to the event or ask for its removal.

Checked Prop and Prop Weapons at the Event

Checked Prop and Prop Weapons at the Event.

Prop weapons can only be displayed as costume pieces. Do not swing or use your prop weapon in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening. Animaga and its associated personnel may remove the prop or yourself if it is deemed that you pose danger to yourself, other attendees, or Animaga, and its associated personnel.

Animaga is not responsible for any actions taken by local law enforcement, such as detaining and questioning you, if you decide to display or brandish your prop at or outside of the Event.

Weapons Cloak

• The weapons Cloak service is for Cosplay Props and weapons ONLY. There will be a reserved Cloak room for personal effects and/or purchases.