As we will be live-streaming the Cosplay competition, you will be filmed.
You (and your parent/guardian) will be asked to fill in and sign an Audio/Visual/Photography Consent Form on the day to entry the Cosplay competition.

By entering this competition, you agree that;

a) Animaga may: (i) make an audio or video recording of Your image or voice; or (ii) take a photograph of You; or (iii) make any digital record of Your image or voice relating to the Presentation and to any other material which you expressly or impliedly provide to Animaga, including Your profile (Recording);

b) Animaga may use Your name or any other personal reference in relation to the Recording;

c) Animaga may make a transcript of the Recording (Transcript);

d) Animaga may in its discretion use, copy, publish, make available, distribute, transmit, perform, display, edit or modify (Utilise) the Recording and the Transcript anywhere in the world, but only for the purposes of academic and teaching and research activities, any promotion and marketing, reporting and journalism, and knowledge transfer (Permitted Purposes);

e) if the Recording or Transcript is edited or modified, Animaga must ensure that the editing or modification;:
(i) does not injure Your reputation or good standing;
(ii) is not derogatory or prejudicial to You; and
(iii) does not infringe Your moral rights;

f) if you are giving a performance, presentation, production, appearance, talk, speech, lecture, interview, discussion, demonstration or debate (Performance) in the Recording and that Performance incorporates any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trade marks, designs, patents, domain names, trade names or business names (Intellectual Property Rights), then You grant Animaga the licence for those Intellectual Property Rights to be incorporated into the Recording or Transcript, and for the Recording or Transcript to be Utilised as permitted by this deed;

g) You are not entitled to any royalties, fees, or other compensation in return for any Utilization of the Recording or Transcript permitted by this Deed.

h) You warrant that:
(i) You have all the rights necessary to make the Performance to the public and to permit the Recording and Transcript to be made of that Performance and Utilised in accordance with this deed;
(ii) No third party’s Intellectual Property Rights will be infringed by any Utilization of the Recording or Transcript permitted by this Deed;
(iii) Your Performance will not contain any material that is untrue, defamatory of any person, misleading or deceptive nor will it constitute an invasion of privacy or amount to the violation of any right of publicity or other rights of any third party; and
(iv) By giving the Performance You will not breach any obligation of confidentiality to any third party.