Guest Policy

Guest Autograph Policy

Guests will be available for autographs during the weekend in the Guest Signing Area of the REB. It is advised that attendees check the scheduled signing times for each guest as there is high demand and limited time for autographs. We will be enforcing the following rules to ensure as many people as possible are able to get autographs and photo(s) taken.

To be eligible for a guest’s autograph; attendees must collect a signing token by the guest signing tables, which are available when doors open.

       ・Guest Signing Table is the central location in distributing the limited number of Signing Tokens before the designated session(s). All signing tokens are ONLY redeemable on the day of distribution and for that day’s specific session.
       ・An attendee may only get ONE Signing Token per guest, per day.
We discourage attendees from standing in line for an autograph without a token.
Standby lines will also require a token
Attendees are not allowed to line up any earlier than 30 minutes before the commencement of the autograph session.
To keep the line moving, we permit only ONE item to be signed. We ask that any fine details be decided before their turn (i.e. location and who the guest addressing it out to).
Guests will gladly sign your program guide or any officially licensed goods, and  may also sign other items at their discretion. DO NOT bring any bootleg items (they will not be signed).  If you are not sure, ask an Animaga Volunteers. For individual signing policy, please read below.
                – Staff reserve the right to inspect the item before it is presented to the guest.
                – Attendees are NOT ALLOWED to photograph the guests during the signing session.
                – Be considerate of your fellow attendees and avoid having lengthy conversations with the guest during the autograph session.
Arrive early, or in a timely manner, to secure your opportunity.
A friendly reminder that all attendees should adhere to Animaga’s Code of Conduct.
Each guest may have special rules in regards to their autograph sessions, please refer to the relevant guest below for more information

Kanae Ito Signing Policy

       ・Strictly NO photography.
       ・Only 100 tokens per day.
       ・Will sign items other than her official products (such as signing boards).
       ・Will not sign things unrelated to works she has participated in. (ie. no miscellaneous items such as boomerangs, swords, scraps of paper, etc.)

REIKA and HIKO Signing Policy

       ・NO photographs of them while lining up for their sessions.
       ・Only 100 tokens per day.
       ・They will sign on their official photobook, posters, postcards and photos purchased from Animaga Official Guest Photo Booth.
       ・No personal items will be signed.

Mel Kishida Signing Policy

       ・Strictly NO photography.
Only 100 tokens per day.
Will sign items other than his products and signing boards.

Guest Photo Booth Policy

       ・Follow all directions provided by staff.
       ・Animaga cannot guarantee photos for any particular guest. Latecomers run the chance of missing their opportunity. We recommend arriving early.
       ・All guests will provide two photo shots with attendee.
       ・To keep the line moving and allow as many of your fellow attendees the opportunity to get their turn:
                – Please do not have long conversations with the guest.
                – Please be ready when you are near the front of the line.
       ・Always be respectful towards our guests. Anyone being rude, malicious,intentionally disrespectful or found to be harassing guests or staff will be removed from the line and may be ejected from the convention without refund.
       ・While we want as many people as possible to get their photo opportunity, we reserve the right to end the line and the photograph session at any time.
       ・We reserve the right to refuse access to any attendee who fails to follow the rules.

Notes and Gifts for Guests

If you’ve brought something special for the guest (e.g. a personal note or small gift), we ask that you follow the set guidelines for practical and safety reasons. Most guests appreciate these small gestures, but certain gifts will not be accepted.

       ・Please ensure that you provide the name of the guest, as well as your own name and contact information, either written on the outside of the message or attached clearly to the outside of the gift.
       ・Be mindful that our staff will be screening all gifts before directing them to our guest. Therefore, please do not wrap your gift using tape, or tie it using ribbon in a way that is difficult to access. However; a gift bag or a simple cover with enough transparency is acceptable. Again, we must be able to screen all gifts.
       ・Avoid anything large, bulky or easily damaged. Most guests fly quite a distance to appear at Animaga and have a certain level of limited space in their luggage. Any gifts you bring should be small, durable, and easily packed.
       ・NO food item(s) will be accepted.
       ・NO item(s) that intentionally contain HUMAN DNA will be accepted. (Blood, skin, or hair…)
       ・If you have an item you’d like to present as a gift at any guest appearance, firstly, please bring it to the Animaga staff member in charge of the appearance.
                – You can bring your gift to the merchandise table, and our staff will help you give it to the guest later.
                – DO NOT use Q&A time during a guest’s panel to present your gift to the guest; this is extremely rude and unfair to other attendees who came to hear the guest speak.
                – DO NOT use autographing time to present your gift to the guest without first clearing it with the staff member in charge, as this may deny others the opportunity to meet the guest at their allocated time.
                – You may be asked to wait until the end of the session, or the staff may accept the gift before presenting it to the guest on your behalf, as your contact details are attached. Rest assured, your gift will be given to the guest in a timely manner.
       ・For any special gifts, please confirm with the staff accordingly.