Iron Artist

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• Iron Artist will be carried out as an elimination-style competition where artists ‘battle’ 1v1 on stage via a timed drawing competition of a random theme.
• There will be three rounds of 10 minutes each. Reminders will be given 1 minute before the time is up.
• The themes will be randomly assigned in the first two rounds; potential themes include Futuristic, Alternate Reality/Virtual Reality, Wedding, Magical girl and Autumn/Fall.
• The theme for the final round will only be announced on the day itself.
• Public announcement of the winners will take place after the end of the competition and the results will also be posted on social media and the Animaga website.

Competition Day: Sunday, 17 September

General Rules and Policies

1. Each participant must have a valid Weekend or One-day pass.

2. Each participant must have completed the registration form.

3. No plagiarism or collusion, from participants and/or used works previously published on the internet and in any form of media (social media, magazines, newspaper, etc).

4. The verdict of the Jury will be final and undisputable.

5. The content of the Drawings have to be PG-rated; overly-sexual and violent connotations are strictly prohibited.

6. Participants are required to check in, by latest 30 mins before the start of the competition.

7. A4 paper and drawing utensils (markers and pencils) will be provided during the competition.

Limited At-Con/Late registration will be available at the Iron Artist if space permits on the day. We reserve the right to refuse additional entrees.

Staffs of Animaga Expo 2017 are NOT eligible to compete in the Iron Artist Competition. Volunteers can compete.

Judging Criteria

• Originality
• Creativity
• Relevance to the theme

Legal requirements

1. Participation in the Contest is free of charge and voluntary.

2. Each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that:
(a) the Drawing submitted for the Contest shall be created personally by each participant;
(b) any and all rights for all purposes throughout the world relating to Animaga as well as any rights to exploit Animaga (including any audio, visual, audio-visual and/or electronic recordings on Animaga) belong exclusively to Animaga;
(c) no rights are granted to the participant in relation to Animaga;
(d) the participant shall not grant to any third party any right in connection with his/her Drawing submitted for the Contest;
(e) no reimbursement of any costs in relation to the creation of the Drawing and submitting it for the Contest in accordance with these Contest Regulations will be made by Animaga.

3. In their Drawings, participants shall not infringe any rights of any third parties, including in particular any and all intellectual property rights and/or copyrights.

4. Each participant agrees not to license, publish nor make available their Drawing submitted for the Contest to any third parties in whatever form.

5. Each participant agrees to transfer, at no additional cost to Animaga, ownership and all his/her rights to the Drawing submitted for the Contest exclusively to Animaga, without any territorial or time limitations, in all forms of exploitation, such as: copying; printing; distributing; publishing; modifying; altering; selling; recording; transferring; storing in any form of storage; using in public presentations and/or exhibitions; displaying; and licensing, – all of the above by whatever means and in any form and format.

6. Each participant agrees to execute such further agreements, documents, assurances and acts as may be required to give full legal and practical effect to the terms, intent and purposes of Clause 5 above, including in case his/her Drawing is to be used by in any additional form of exploitation not mentioned above.

7. Animaga shall become solely entitled to dispose of any and all rights related to the Drawing of each participant and the participant agrees not to claim otherwise.

8. Each participant agrees to indemnify Animaga from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses resulting from or in connection with any breach by such participant of the terms of this Contest Regulations.