The Animaga Video Games Area is back bigger and better in 2017!

Here’s a rough guide to what’s going to happen during the convention. For more info, please check out our program book when it is released.

Video Games

This year, we’ll have the following games available for free play. Not only that, you can stand to win a prize by participating in one of our game tournaments!

  • Mario Kart (Wii)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
  • Tekken 7 (PS4 & XBOX)
  • Street Fighter V (PS4)

We also have a DDR machine, so step right up and have a gander at this nostalgic blast from the past.

Music Games

Music games have always been a niche genre in the Western world, so we, the Melbourne Music Game Alliance, have decided to set up a music gaming area here to spread this genre to a wider audience, with famous titles such as Project Diva, to lesser known titles. Please enjoy!

In collaboration with Melbourne Music Game Alliance (MMGA), we will be bringing to you 24 rhythm games on various platforms.

They will be available for free play!

Not only that, we will be hosting tournaments for the following games:

  • K–Shoot Mania
  • Cytus
  • Project Diva: Future Tone
  • Deemo
  • Amplitude
  • Superbeat Xonic

Card Games

Alternate Worlds will be hosting Pokemon Trading Card Game tournaments (Starter Set only) each day at Animaga 2017.

Whether you’re new to the game, wish to re-familiarize yourself or just looking to meet new friends, our workshop sessions earlier in the day will be your go-to.