Animaga Idol

Registration Now Closed

Thanks to everyone that have registered, all of our spots are now filled!

General Rules and Policies

Competition Day: Saturday, 16 September.

Each entry must submit the following, or evidence of, by 10th September 2017;

1. A completed Cosplay Competition Registration Form. (One for each entry).
2. Each participant must have a valid weekend or One-day pass.
3. Provide their performance audio in .mp3 or .wav files.
          a. The performance audio must contain only backing tracks, i.e. instrumentals and backup chorus.
          b. The song chosen and submitted must be officially related to anime, comics or gaming (ACG) media.
                – Example, officially released character songs, theme songs or songs played/sung/shown within the medium. References do not count.

All songs are required to fit within a PG rating. This means that no swearing or sexual connotations or instances. Simply ask yourself if you think what you want to do is appropriate for children, and if it doesn’t then don’t do it.

Staff of Animaga Expo 2017 are NOT eligible to compete in the Competition. Volunteers can enter.


All media performed must be legally distributed in Australia, in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968.

Judging Criteria

-Vocal Ability

-Performance: It’s your time to shine, so show us how it’s done!

-Originality: While the original’s amazing, it’s your turn in the spotlight. Show the world who you are!